Legal safety, investment efficiency guarantee.

Typical projects



  1. Searching the large land fund to implement projects by request of the investor, provide land fund information for customers to refer, check important information on land planning including: land use functions, land use factor, floors, building density.
  2. Relatively accurate estimation of the investment efficiency of the project.
  3. To estimate relatively accurately land use fees, land rent and financial obligations to be paid to the State Budget.
  4. Review and analyze the legal status of the project. Propose an effective and appropriate solution for investors according to legal regulations.
  5. Completing all legal procedures from the beginning to the stage of the construction investment project, granting the land use right certificate to the project. Increase the value of the land.
  6. Connecting the investors potential.
  7. Having the separate legal service package or all of the above work items.
  8. Special consulting service, consulting fee only when the results are available, according to each stage of completing work items.
Looking for the land fund and connecting to potential investors.
  • Looking for the land fund and connecting to potential investors.
  •  Value increasing the land project.
  •  Legal improvement to the construction investment period and completion project.
Decisions on Investment Policies, Investment Registration Certificate
  • Decisions on Investment Policies.
  • Investment Registration Certificate.
Real Estate Project Investment Procedure Consultancy
  • Approved Investment undertakings;
  • Planning 1/2000;
  • Planning 1/500;
  • Land allocation;
  • Land Lease;
  • Change of Land use purpose;
  • Certificate of land use right, ownership of land-attached assets; Approved Investor;
  • Real Estate project transfer
Determine Financial Obligations Procedures Consultancy

  • Land use levy
  • Land Rental.
  • Difference for change of land use purpose; Additional land use levy due to planning change.

Construction Project Design Consultancy
  • Preliminary Design;
  • Basic Design;
  • Technical Design;
  • Construction drawing design and other design (if any);
  • Construction Permit
Real estate project investment consulting.
  • Consulting on bidding for projects using land, bidding to select investors for commercial projects.
  • Consultancy on auction of land use rights in accordance with the law on land and law on auction of property.